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Ken Hastings

Managing Director

The Challenge
Like any successful business, ProPaye came to a point in their growth cycle where they had outgrown their original IT investment. Their first IT investment in PCs with a shared internet connection had no real shared services and had grown organically without future planning.

As ProPaye grew their IT setup quickly began to frustrate day-to-day operations, constraining moves to modern work practices and becoming a burden on users and management. It was clear the ProPaye were not fully leveraging the potential of IT to grow their business.

ProPaye reviewed their operations and decided that they wanted to modernise their IT infrastructure and outsource every element of its development and operational support in its entirety. They wanted to make their IT systems someone else’s responsibility enabling them to concentrate on their customers and their core business.

The Solution
Key to the success of ProPaye’s strategy was ensuring that their systems and their data were secure, always available and compliant with statutory regulations.  

“At Propaye we deal with enormous amounts of financial and personal data. It is imperative that that data is secure and recoverable if need. Also, and most importantly the business must remain operational, no matter what. The damage to ProPaye’s reputation if people didn’t gat paid doesn’t bear thinking about.

We chose Backup Heroes who put together a bespoke service for us that means we don’t have to do anything. We just get a confirmation from them once a month to say our backups have been tested for recoverability and we’re all covered. They also schedule a rehearsal once a year to ensure that everybody knows what their duties are in the event of a major disaster.

With Malicious attacks frequently in the news it great to know that if anything happens we have a team of “Heroes” ready to jump into action”

Ken Hastings
Managing Director

Services Provided
Full managed disaster recovery service, encompassing:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Veeam Cloud Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Service solution
  • Microsoft Office 365 Backup
  • Backup validation services 
  • Annual Disaster Rehearsal