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Office 365 Hed
20 Jun, 18

You don't need to backup O365, right?

It’s not difficult to see why small businesses love Microsoft Office 365

After all, it lets staff work from anywhere and unlocks the ability to remotely use brilliant Office products beloved by us all – Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It provides powerful collaboration tools, so anyone can edit or comment on a document in real time, wherever they happen to be. Sharing files and allowing access to emails across devices means that teams no longer have to be in the same building to make great things happen (although getting Tom from accounts to make a brew might prove tricky).

As great as Office 365 undoubtedly is (and here at Backup Heroes we’re big fans of its benefits for SMBs), there are some potential pitfalls that every business should be aware of.

It’s your data – so keep it safe

Let’s start with a common misconception. There is no need to maintain a backup of your email data when using Office 365. Microsoft handles everything. If there happens to be a system failure or security threat, it’s easy to get everything back up and running again.


It’s true that Microsoft provides the off-site, cloud infrastructure which hosts services such as emails and file sharing. What it isn’t responsible for is your data. Your data belongs to you and it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s looked after properly.

What’s more, new regulations about the way you handle data, archive it and protect it will place your business under more scrutiny than ever before. Therefore, it pays to have the right tools in place to ensure compliance, security and cloud confidence.   

Win the fight against data loss

Why is a backup of data so important anyway? Well, have you ever thought what would happen if you lost email data critical to your business? Think about that sinking feeling you get when you’re frantically searching for a missing file or an email you’re sure you’ve sent - only a million times worse.

A backup is a copy of data that can be restored if the service is unavailable. When you have an on-site IT infrastructure, there might be a system in place which takes a copy of all data and stores it in a physical device. With the cloud-based Office 365, direct access to this data is not readily available so in the event of a disaster you could find yourself literally wiped out. With no way of returning. That’s not good.

True, Microsoft has built in some features which allow for limited retention of data in certain Office 365 applications. Still, this is no substitute for a robust, strong and mighty backup and restore solution.

That’s where a superhero team with an out-of-this-world knowledge of all things Office 365 can help. We really do have our heads in the cloud (see what we did there?)

If you need rescuing from the worry of protecting your business against data loss, here’s why to call on us:

  • We will make sure your backup process meets legal and regulatory requirements
  • Our backup and restore solutions ensures continuity of data – meaning you can pick up and carry on, even if the worst was to happen
  • In times of data disaster, we’ll put everything back together for you – simply and without fuss
  • We can identify risk and help you put together a plan of action to prevent major data loss
  • Our Veeam-powered solutions now include backup of OneDrive for Business (including OneNote notebooks) and SharePoint
  • We charge just 3p per GB of backed up data, making us the ideal choice for micro-businesses 

Ready to speak to one of our Backup Heroes? To get in touch, just call 0845 241 6370 and we’ll take it from there.

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