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19 Sep, 19

What NOT to do when backing up data

We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s how you go about responding to them that matters, and that’s especially the case when it comes to backing up data. While a robust backup strategy is important to businesses of all shapes and sizes (now more than ever before) it's often easy to overlook, forget about or indeed slip-up.

It’s our job to help other businesses to back up their data – and we say it time and time again: it is ALWAYS good practice to back up data and plan for the worst happening.

But as well as making sure your backup is water tight, in this blog we're looking at some of the “what not to dos” when backing up data, even if businesses think backup processes are in tip-top shape.  

Backup, backup and backup again

One of the biggest mistakes is not actually backing up any of your data at all. It may sound simple, but according to a recent survey, almost four million UK businesses could be at risk of losing their data due to poor backup practices – and may not even have a backup plan in place in the first place (an estimated 17%).

Not having any first line backup security really does leave you and your businesses staring down from the cliff edge into potential and likely disaster if the worst-case scenario should occur.  

Our superheroes can help prevent disaster by offering you and your business effective and vital backup solutions. Head to our solutions centre to find out more.  

Not having an offsite plan

Even the best IT folk around can get caught out without an offsite plan. Your first line of defence, your own IT structure, might be the best in the world but you can still get caught out by hackers or even simple mistakes from staff.  

Storing your data offsite allows you to avoid any data mishaps which may occur and get you back on the road as soon as possible.  

So what other mistakes can business make? 

In short - lots!  

Examples of poor backup practice include:  

  • Keeping everything on a USB stick (it's easy to lose them!)
  • Failing to test the integrity of backups
  • Not knowing what data is stored where – a potential issue when it comes to compliance with GDPR
  • Neglecting other parts of your computer security

We can help eliminate disruption and offer the advice you need 

From data audits, offside data copy and many other features from as little as £3 a month, we can talk to you about backup strategies for businesses so that your data is secure. Take a look at our other service plans and upgrades to find out more.  

Unsure of what you think you’ll need? Don't worry. Give us a call on 0845 6460146 or click here to get in touch.