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05 Nov, 18

What is your Office 365 disaster recovery plan?

If you haven’t got an Office 365 disaster recovery plan in place, then make it top of your to-do list. Why? Because without a way to restore data in the event of a malicious cyberattack or accidental deletion, your business may find it difficult to get back on track. Inability to function may lead to financial loss and irreparable damage to reputation - not to mention the possibility of serious fines under strict penalties that can now be imposed under the GDPR

Is your business vulnerable to attack?

Put it this way. No business is immune from threat. Hackers and cybercriminals make no allowances for the size of a company, or indeed the type of organisation it targets. Think back to the WannaCry incident of 2017, when a ransomware attack exploited severe vulnerabilities in the NHS computer system. The incident, which encrypted files and denied access to staff unless a ‘ransom’ was paid, is estimated to have cost £19m in the following seven days due to lost patient care and reduced access to critical information.

Meanwhile, the city of Atlanta was crippled by a ransomware attack that according to reports resulted in the cancellation of court appearances and the deletion of years of police dash cam footage.

Ransomware can also infect cloud storage if users are not careful. By connecting with an infected device and syncing with the cloud, an infection can spread rapidly.

It isn’t the only threat, either. Many businesses choose to take advantage of spam filters provided by applications such as Outlook, but this is by no means a cast-iron guarantee of safety. Businesses may consequently find themselves exposed to phishing or whaling attacks – fake communications from supposedly reputable sources that trick users into revealing sensitive information such as passwords or financial details. It only takes one mistake to result in catastrophe.

What could happen to your business?

In the event of a ransomware attack, loss of access to critical information could paralyse the day-to-day running of a business. If there is no way to quickly recover deleted files, then companies may struggle to operate. Not only is there a very real possibility of firms swiftly running into financial problems, but clients and customers may find it difficult to forgive if you are slow to address the problem.

Under the GDPR, companies who fail to implement adequate protection may also face heavy fines.

What every business should look for in an Office 365 disaster recovery plan?

Never fear, Backup Heroes is here. Our disaster recovery plans help to defend against data loss and ensure business continuity if the worst was to happen.

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  • Complete peace-of-mind and improved protection against cyberattacks and data loss.

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