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08 Apr, 19

The limitations of Microsoft O365 updates against malware?

If you’ve purchased a subscription for Microsoft O365, you’ll no doubt be familiar with updates. What’s more, these seem to be perfectly timed to bring operations to a halt just when you’re in the middle of an important task.

We get it. It’s one of the drawbacks of being a Microsoft user. Still, what is a curse is also a blessing. That’s because what can be an occasionally time-consuming and disruptive process, is actually Microsoft’s way of protecting its customers while offering some other big advantages too.

Not least is the knowledge that you’ll always be running the most up-to-date version of Office. That means you’ll have the latest features for popular applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint without having to pay a large upfront fee every time developers launch a new version. The monthly subscription model therefore allows organisations to budget effectively - and stay ahead of the curve.

Microsoft O365 security updates

It also means that users can rest assured that they have access to up-to-date security patches, with Microsoft taking a proactive stance against the ever-growing threat of malware.

However, keep in mind that cyber criminals are also proactive creatures. It’s in their best interests to be working against the clock to invent new and devious ways to inject malicious software into IT systems, steal sensitive data or even hold whole organisations to ransom. (Ransomware is a particularly nasty form of malware that involves encrypting files and only restoring access once a payment has been made).

This is, after all, a highly lucrative business.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts and constant monitoring, the fact is that if patches are not installed promptly by the user, this may create a window of opportunity for hackers.

Of course, when there is just a single user, it isn’t too much of a problem to keep on top of updates and security patches.

The issue occurs when there are multiple users working across multiple devices – and possibly even using personal, unsecured devices to access work applications. It’s easy for an IT department to become overwhelmed, and it’s easy for small vulnerabilities to quickly expose a business to danger.

Other limitations

Microsoft O365 is designed to work with browsers including Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox. However, if these browsers are not running on the latest version then this could leave Office users unnecessarily exposed.

Then there’s the very human factor that often gets overlooked. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a security patch in the world that can prevent a staff member clicking on a suspicious link.

There is no update to stop a user innocently downloading a piece of malware disguised as an advert or even a legitimate-looking website.

Yes, programmes such as Outlook contain inbuilt spam and malware filters to mitigate the risk. Still, as hackers become ever more sophisticated and cunning in the techniques they deploy, a robust backup strategy provides an extra layer of defence.

Why back up?

Well, in the event of a malware infection, it restores a system to a point in time of the user’s choosing. It’s like reversing a mistake at the touch of a button.

Our backup solutions start at just over £3 a month and offer:

  • Peace of mind protection against malware
  • End-to-end encryption so that data is secure at rest and in transit
  • Defence against human error
  • The ability to restore line-by-line data or whole systems
  • Free set up

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