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Data Protect Hed
24 Jun, 19

How IT support can supercharge a company's risk management

If you spot the opportunity to save money, then why wouldn’t you choose to outsource some or part of your IT operations? Cutting costs is one important reason why many businesses have traditionally turned to outside help when it comes to tech support, backup and data protection. Still, using external expertise to bolster your in-house team isn’t the only benefit on offer – the right IT partner can supercharge your ability to withstand cyber-attacks, boost your company’s risk management efforts and make sure that you’re ready for anything.

Save time and money

With backup plans that start at just over £3 a month, our solutions aren’t exactly going to break the bank. Plus, knowing that your system and data is being regularly backed up provides real peace of mind in a world which is increasingly vulnerable to the threats of hacking and data theft.

It’s hassle-free too. Rather than adding to the endless list of tasks you’ll already have to manage as part of running a business, the backup process simply takes care of itself - while you get on with other things.  

Just like any form of insurance, you won’t notice it running in the background, but you’ll be grateful it’s there should you ever need it.

A proactive approach

It pays to be prepared. That’s why, in addition to our backup and restore plans, we also offer consultancy services to help businesses assess current weaknesses in cyber security, formulate a disaster recovery strategy and improve resilience.

It’s all about being proactive – and recognising that the tactics deployed by cyber criminals are evolving all the time.

Thankfully, the days of unsophisticated spam emails imploring for a deposit of a large quantity of cash into an overseas bank account are numbered. The fact is, would-be victims are becoming increasingly wise to such practices.

However, that doesn’t mean email attacks are on the wane. (In fact, a report at the end of 2018 suggested that email continues to be one of the methods preferred by hackers.) Rather, cyber criminals are upping their game, finding new ways of tricking their way into a network, roaming about at will and stealing whatever they want to. Whether it be a suspicious link that at first glance looks perfectly legitimate or a highly targeted whaling attack aimed at business owners and CEOs, the hackers are getting clever.

Then there’s malware. New strains of malicious software are emerging all the time, at alarming speed. Set against this context, many businesses may find themselves exposed.

Consultancy services are designed to proactively monitor threats, identify risks and put measures in place to keep your data protected.

Planning for every scenario  

In addition to malicious external attacks, there may be other scenarios where a business continuity and disaster recovery plan will mean the difference between success and failure. Ask the Backup Heroes about:

  • System upgrades
  • Office 365 backups
  • Protection against internal data loss through accidental deletion of files or employees leaving the business
  • Premises changes

To discover how the Backup Heroes can supercharge your company’s risk management strategy, call us on 0845 646 0146 or complete our enquiry form.