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30 Oct, 18

Here’s why every small business needs an Office 365 backup solution

We love working with small and medium sized businesses who have created new opportunities for growth through the implementation of cloud computing. It means staff can work anywhere at any time. It has cut down on costly on-premises data storage. It offers improved ways to collaborate and share. The list goes on. However, what many small enterprises don’t consider is what happens when data gets lost or hacked? Or if a member of staff deletes a piece of vital information? (It happens.) That’s why it is important to implement a trustworthy and reliable Office 365 backup solution.

An Office 365 backup solution could save money

Remember the days before the cloud, when companies had to invest time and money on on-site storage and expensive hardware too? Enter Office 365, with its time-saving and cost-efficient benefits. There is no doubt that because of this, it has allowed smaller businesses to compete with much bigger enterprises and all because clever tech is now available to all.

However, beware of the costs associated with failing to backup Office 365. Remember – and we’ve said this elsewhere – while Microsoft provides the platform, it’s your data and it’s your responsibility to look after it.

Losing data is an expensive affair – especially when you take into account the associated downtime and possible legal ramifications. An Office 365 backup solution is designed to give you the ability to restore your data to a point in time of your choosing.

In other words, a small investment in a backup solution could save your business a lot of money.

Did you know Backup Heroes offers backup solutions starting from just over £3 a month? Take a look at our dedicated Solutions Centre to find the right level of support for your business.

Office 365 backup solutions add a layer of protection

Unfortunately, even small businesses are vulnerable to security breaches as a result of malware and ransomware. What’s more, these external threats are growing ever more sophisticated

Then there’s the problem of internal security. The Information Commissioner’s Office fined Bupa Insurance Services Limited (Bupa) after an employee was able to extract the personal information of 547,000 Bupa Global customers and offer it for sale on the dark web.

Not that data loss is always because of a concerted effort by malicious forces to extract information. It’s surprising how easy it is to delete a file accidentally. If that file is critically important to your business, then you might end up kicking yourself for not implementing a sound and robust backup solution.

By failing to ensure that your information is stored securely and is recoverable should you need it, you may even find yourself on the wrong side of data protection laws introduced by the GDPR.

If you have chosen to use an (even if we say so ourselves) excellent backup provider such as us, then you can restore your data easily, and without fuss.

Backup Heroes offers:

  • End-to-end encryption to ensure your data is protected at rest and when it is being transferred to cloud storage
  • Instant recovery for immediate access to backup data
  • Full system recoveries or item level recoveries

If you want our heroes to come to the rescue, give us a call on 0845 6460146. We’re happy to help.