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16 Aug, 19

Four ways to safeguard your business data

Picture the scene. You get into work on a bright Monday morning, full of enthusiasm for the week ahead.

You load up your computer and you try to access your vital files. Only the file you're looking for has been moved, deleted (on purpose or by accident). 

You may have been the victim of a ransomware attack (which involves demanding a payment to restore access. News flash: Payment is no guarantee you'll get your files back).

You may have deleted the file yourself. There might be an issue with the server.

You explore your company's back-up options, only to realise no plan has been put in place. Disaster. Talk about a stressful start to the week.

A wealth of information crucial to your business, gone. Disappeared. Possibly never to return. It may sound drastic, but it has happened and some companies never recover.

It’s estimated that almost four million UK businesses could be at risk of losing data because of inadequate backup strategies. That needs to change.

Let’s be honest, Mondays are stressful enough without having to go through all of this.

So, I need a backup solution. What is it? What could happen if I don't?

Your backup practices should be a priority for your business strategy. A loss of information could mean lost customers, lost money, time, and a black mark against your brand reputation. It may mean you don’t recover and spend years playing catch up.

Simply put, a backup is a copy of files from your computer or device which you can access to get you back up and running if you do .

Data can be lost through several ways. There are malicious attacks such as the previously mentioned ransomware – but there are other scenarios too, including fire, server loss or even simple human error.

At Backup Heroes, we work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and large enterprises with complex data security needs, offering a range of business-critical services that ensure organisations are ready for anything.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry 

So what four key strategies should you adopt to minimise the risk of data loss?

  • Educate staff about risky behaviours – don’t share passwords. Regular emails and webinars can help remind them what they need to do.
  • Install the latest security software. This can keep the hackers at bay.
  • Identify what data is held where (it's surprising how many businesses don't do proper data audits).
  • Backup your data. A backup is the last line of defence and a way of turning back the clock if anything should go wrong.

We can help

Here at Backup Heroes, we can make your Mondays a bit less stressful and give you the peace of mind you need. We offer backup solutions starting from just over £3 a month.

Visit our dedicated Solutions Centre to find out more and judge the right level of support for you and your business. Unsure of what you think you’ll need? Give us a call on 0845 6460146 or click here to get in touch. We’d be very glad to hear from you.