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03 Dec, 18

Can Microsoft 0365 data get lost in the cloud?

There’s no doubt that cloud computing has revolutionised the way we all work. From more affordable and improved storage facilities to the ability to remotely access files wherever in the world we happen to be, it has created numerous possibilities for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft Office 365 is particularly attractive for organisations that want to use popular software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint while harnessing the ability for greater collaboration and file sharing in real-time. However, here at Backup Heroes there is a question we are often asked: Can Microsoft O365 data get lost in the cloud?

Why every business needs to plan for data loss

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) the use of cloud computing is widespread, with six in ten businesses and five in ten charities taking advantage of the technology.

Within this busy and complex network of crisscrossing information held off-site, data can get lost. Occasionally this is a result of a malicious hacking attempt from cybercriminals intent on stealing sensitive customer data. Sometimes it is a result of natural disaster. Frequently, it can be caused by simple human error and an accidental slip of the ‘delete’ key. We’ve all been there.

Think how data loss would affect your business. How would you go about restoring an important email thread if it was deleted? What would your strategy be if an employee lost critical financial files, with no chance of recovery?

There may be immediate material implications in the form of downtime while your team works out what to do. In fact, the same report from the DCMS points to a marked and alarming increase in average costs for medium sized businesses who have experienced data loss – up from £1,860 in 2016 to £8,180 in 2018.

In the longer term, the financial fallout is difficult to calculate, as customers may be unwilling to forgive breaches and sustained outage. Regaining trust and confidence might prove tricky.

But surely Microsoft O365 data never gets lost in the cloud?

It is true that Microsoft does offer some level of protection against data loss in Office 365 and as a rule, it takes responsibility for the global infrastructure of the service it provides. However, the data within it is under the ownership of an individual organisation or business. So… that accidental deletion of a critical file? Or the total erasure of an employee’s data once they’ve left your company? Well, recovery is probably going to fall on your shoulders. Not Microsoft’s.

As this excellent blog from our partners Veeam explains, just because information might be temporarily ‘replicated’ in the cloud, this should not be relied upon for full and complete data protection. That is because replication means exactly that. Any corrupt or deleted data will be copied or ‘replicated’ in the cloud. Which puts you back to square one and staring into the abyss.

Thankfully, there is a solution (and it’s an affordable one too). Implementing a robust and secure backup strategy is the most effective way to restore business-critical information in the event of data loss, whatever the cause. 

Office 365 recovery plans from Backup Heroes include:

  • Backup of Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data.
  • Recovery of data to a point in time of your choosing.
  • Protection against data loss scenarios that are not covered by Microsoft.
  • Award-winning Veeam-powered technology.

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