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09 Oct, 18

5 reasons why you need to take Office 365 backup seriously

There’s no doubt about it. Cloud computing has created many opportunities for businesses of every size thanks to its go-anywhere, do-anything-on-any-device flexibility. However, such technological advances are not without challenges - and that’s why it’s important to take Office 365 backup seriously.

There’s a question that we get asked a lot at Backup Heroes, and that is: Isn’t it Microsoft’s job to take care of Office 365 backup?

Well, the answer to that is easy. No. While Microsoft Office 365 provides the (and we’re fully on board with this description) rather brilliant platform, the data stored within it is the responsibility of an individual organisation or business.

Think of an old-fashioned filing cabinet. Just because you’ve purchased a particular brand of cabinet, the contents contained within it are not ‘owned’ by the manufacturer – and nor would you want it to be any different. What’s more, because that data belongs to you, it’s your job to ensure it is backed up, secure and can be restored if needed. That’s never been more important in our newly GDPR controlled world.   

1.   Data can be accidentally deleted

Human error can result in the deletion of files, users or other business-critical data. A safe and secure backup means those files and users can be restored quickly, and without fuss.

2.   Security breaches are a threat to data

Organisations are facing more security threats than ever before – from external ransomware attacks to data breaches as a result of staff carelessness or deliberate sabotage. Sadly, it’s more common than you’d think. Having a robust, reliable solution that can recover data to the point before a security breach gives businesses real peace of mind.   

3.   Data integrity is a legal requirement

To protect data under GDPR, best practice dictates that information should be stored safely and securely, and also should be retrievable if required. A backup system that provides end-to-end encryption and instant recovery is the obvious choice.  

4.   Office 365 retention policies are confusing

True, there is some capability for online archiving of mailboxes, but without proper management, a lack of understanding about retention policy can leave businesses dangerously exposed. What’s more, GDPR aside, there may be additional industry-specific regulations that require storage of data for a certain period of time. Knowing that there is a backup solution on hand to look after it all takes the headache out of the retention dilemma. 

5.   Staff come and go – but you still may need access to their data

Which leads us on to the next big problem facing companies without a proper backup procedure to complement Office 365. When staff leave, it can cause issues. Why? An employee’s mailbox data is only retained for 30 days after an account is removed.

Slam on the brakes. Yes, you read that correctly. If your business was ever called upon to defend itself or your now-departed staff member was customer-facing and you’re left to unpick a particular puzzle, it’s going to be extremely difficult without access to what’s been said and by whom.

Thankfully, Backup Heroes has the answer. Our Veeam-powered backup solutions are a cost-effective, hassle-free way to defend your business against data loss.

If you would like to discuss how we can work with you, give our friendly team a call on 0845 6460146 or CONTACT US.