Defending hyper-availability

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Captain Backup Home

Heroes unite to defend your data! 

From across the Galaxy, a dedicated band of specialist IT professionals have joined forces with the help of partners like Veeam and Microsoft to use their powers to keep organisations of shapes and sizes, safe.

Our infrastructure, expertise and integrity are all we need to protect you from the villains like Hardware & Software failures; Human errors; Malicious attack; Stolen services; natural and man-made disasters.

Forged in the industrial heart-land of the United Kingdom, Backup Heroes singular purpose is to protect organisations from the potentially devastating consequences of major disruption to IT services.

Our heroes achieve this by identifying potential threats; deploying essential measures that ensure organisations technology is highly robust and ensuring you have strategies and processes to deal with the unexpected.

Based on earnest, customer focused values like quality service, simplicity, value for money and integrity, the heroes have worked hard to gain client relationships based on trust and respect.

From entrepreneurs and small businesses to large enterprises with complex data security needs Backup Heroes offer a range of business-critical services that ensure organisations are ready for anything. 

The Heroes Mission:
Backup Heroes’ mission is to make people feel safe in the knowledge that our expertise, honesty, professionalism, planning and infrastructure will allow them to survive and prosper should the worst happen to their data and applications.

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